Haiti President Says Many Aid Organizations Hid Misconduct

Haiti’s president said on Friday that sexual misconduct by staff of British charity Oxfam was only the tip of an “iceberg” and called for investigations into Doctors Without Borders and other aid organizations which came to the country after its 2010 earthquake.

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Oxfam, Christian Aid, Save the Children, and Red Cross Among Charities Caught in Sex Scandals

Oxfam, Christian Aid, Save the Children, and the Red Cross are some of the major British charities that have admitted to dealing with sexual harassment or abuse scandals as part of a growing net of sexual misconduct cases unraveling in the sector. Continue reading

Oxfam Staff Paid for ‘Caligula Orgies’ With Haiti Earthquake Survivors

Senior Oxfam staff reportedly paid for “full-on Caligula orgies” with survivors of the devastating 2010 Haitian earthquake. An investigation by The Times of London revealed multiple aid workers paid earthquake survivors for sex, including some who could have been underage. The charity has been accused of covering up the scandal by allowing three men to resign and firing four others for gross misconduct. One of the men who was allowed to resign, former Haiti Director Roland van Hauwermeiren, was given a “phased and dignified exit” for fear of damaging the charity’s reputation. Prostitution is illegal in Haiti and the age of consent is 18, but Oxfam didn’t report any of the incidents to the Haitian authorities because “it was extremely unlikely that any action would be taken.”


SOURCE: The Daily Beast