Haitian-American Pastor Mullery Jean-Pierre Demands Apology from Trump at MLK Celebration in Jerusalem

Speaking at a Martin Luther King Day ceremony in Jerusalem on Monday, the Haitian-born spiritual leader of a Brooklyn church demanded an apology from U.S. President Donald Trump for his recent racist and disparaging alleged comment about Haiti, calling it a dagger to the heart. Continue reading


This is How Ignorant You Have to Be to Call Haiti a ‘S***hole’

The president had no respect for Haiti. He could see as well as anyone following the news that the country was a basket case — racked by political unrest, filthy, incapable of handling its own affairs. There was no doubt his opinion of the black republic was informed by his blatant racism, which included praising members of the Ku Klux Klan. He had criticized his predecessors’ foreign wars while running for office. But in the White House, he realized he was willing to flex the country’s muscles abroad, as long as the mission fit his motto: “America first.”

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In Open Letter, Haitian-American Diplomats say Trump’s Disparaging Comments Caused ‘Heartbreak and Despair’

Editor’s Note: This post contains explicit language.

A group of Haitian-American diplomats working for the State Department have written an open letter expressing their frustration with comments by President Donald Trump that the United States should limit the number of immigrants accepted from Haiti and “shithole countries” in Africa.

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Haitian NFL Players Are Angered, Hurt But Not Surprised By Trump’s Disparaging Remarks About Their Native Country


  • The President called the country of their origin a shithole. They know it as a beautiful if beleaguered island from which hard-working, uncomplaining immigrants come to the U.S. to build on the American dream
  • ‘We are some of the strongest people on earth. To win our independence and help other Caribbean islands get their freedom? Dealing with hurricanes and earthquakes. It shows our grit.’
  • ‘There are amazing Haitians in America who are assets to this country, who are helping both countries with hard work and charity.’
  • ‘It hurts to be judged by ignorance.’
  • ‘Why not use your gift to make the world a better place? Where’s the love?’

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