Living Set Free And Apart From Sexual Sin

Alisha’s Testimony, is a new memoir written by author, Alisha L. Boykin that can start you on a healthy journey of healing in Jesus name!

Followers of Christ know that Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy through any form of sin you are part-taking in.

This inspirational Christian memoir chronicles spiritual encounters with demons, encounters with Jesus Christ, the testimony of turning away from sexual sin, asking for forgiveness and asking God to direct one’s path. 

Alisha hopes those who are believers in Jesus Christ or who want to believe in Him will learn from her mistakes. If you are living the sinful path she speaks about, she prays her past sins will encourage you to turn away from your current lifestyle and seek Jesus Christ because he can renew you like he did Alisha.

Alisha’s Testimony is published by Palmetto Publishing
Published 10/20/2021
Available online:

This is Alisha’s first published book; she has a BA in mass media communication with a minor in business management and a MA in adult education and training. She is the founder of AB Signing Agency, LLC, and has written for local publications such as The Source Magazine based out of Dayton, Ohio. She blogs at

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