Conan Heads To Haiti To Mercilessly Mock Donald Trump After Trump’s Derogatory Comments About Caribbean Nation

Host goes tropical to stay topical.

Conan O’Brien is hitting the road again to hit back at President Donald Trump in a “Conan Without Borders” episode.

The late-night host said Sunday he will visit Haiti after Trump reportedly called the country a “shithole” as he discussed immigration protections for certain nations.

“Still reeling from @realDonaldTrump’s very negative Yelp review of Haiti, which means I’ll love it,” O’Brien wrote in a tweet on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Trump declared himself “the least racist person,” which should further sharpen O’Brien’s satire from the Caribbean nation.

O’Brien skewered the president’s border wall crusade in 2017 by visiting Mexico for a “Conan Without Borders” episode.

SOURCE: The Huffington Post – Ron Dicker