Pastor Dwight McKissic Calls On President Trump’s Evangelical Advisers to Either ‘Condemn or Condone’ his Remarks Regarding African, Caribbean Countries

Dwight McKissic, pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, TX, and a prominent Southern Baptist voice, is urging President Trump’s evangelical advisers to release a statement either condoning or condemning’ his recent derogatory comments regarding immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and Africa.

In a meeting with lawmakers, the president reportedly referred to the Caribbean and African nations as ‘s—hole countries,’ and implied that the U.S. should seek more immigrants from Norway.

McKissic wrote on Twitter, “The President’s remarks are racist. Evangelicals getting in bed with Trump was shortsighted. You can’t antagonize and evangelize simultaneously.”

He added, “President Trump’s evangelical advisory committee need to make a statement condoning or condemning his Africa/Haiti/El Salvador comments.”